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Build with Python

This course gives you the insight of what Python, the most loved programming language of 2020 can do! by exploring the domains it is applied in!


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    Python is powerful, portable, object-oriented open source programming language for writing stand alone programs, quick scripts, and prototypes for large applications. Enroll soon for Python Class Certification Training.


    Python Jobs

    A quick search of shows over 40,000 jobs with Python programming skills or experience listed as a requirement. The wide adoption of the language across many industries translates into a large number of job opportunities. Common job titles include Python Developer, Python Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer and Python Database Programmer. Of the Python-specific jobs listed, 43% offered salaries above $100K per year and some senior-level Python programming engineer positions offered over $200K per year. It’s fair to say that Python skills and experience can lead to a lucrative and secure career.


    Explore a Career as a Python Developer


    Big Data is on the rise the need for Python-savvy business analysts, data scientists and Python programming engineers will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Enroll in one of many excellent introductory Python courses and become proficient in the language in only a few short weeks. Many courses are self-paced so you can start today.




    1. Secure Password generator
    2. Text Encrypter
    3. Youtube Downloader
    4. Face Detection
    5. File Sharing Server with Python
    6. File Encryption
    7. Unversal File Downloader
    8. Video processing with python
    9. Image Processing with python
    10. Super Mario Game Dev
    11. Search Engine



    Basics of Python

    1. *  Introduction to Python
    2. * Installing python
    3. * Making  OS recognize python
    4. * PATH variable introduction
    5. *  Variable declaration in python
    6. *  Operators in python


    Data Types in python

    1. *  Data type classification
    2. * String data type and list slicing

    Program Flow Control python

    1. *  Conditional statement: if-elif-else
    2. *  Looping in python
    3. * Implement examples on loops and conditional statements


    Functions, Modules and Packages in python

    1. *  Declaration and implementation of functions
    2. *  Importance of module programming in python
    3. *  Packages in python
    4. *  Lambda function declaration and use in python
    5. *  Programming using functions, modules and external packages


    Strings and Dictionary Manipulations in python

    1. *  Building blocks of python programs
    2. *  String using in build methods
    3. *  Use of manipulation in build methods
    4. *  Dictionary manipulation in python
    5. *  Programming in python


    File handling in python

    1. *  Reading config files in python
    2. *  Writing log files in python
    3. *  Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines()
    4. *  Understanding write functions, write() and writelines()
    5. * Programming in python


    Oops with python

    1. * Oops concepts with python
    2. * Programming using Oops support


    Regular Expression in python

    1. *  Pattern matching and searching in python
    2. *  Pattern searching using regex in python
    3. *  Pattern finding programs using regular expression


    Exception handling in python

    1. *  Avoiding code break using exception handling
    2. *  Safe guarding file operation using exception handling
    3. *  Handling and helping developer with error code
    4. *  Programming using Exception handling
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      You trainer will be sir Vaqas ahmed , he is the founder of Pytholabs and has industry expert and experience of 5 years